Hi, this is a plea of desperation :DD i have been reading your fanfic coffee and cigarettes, and OHMYGOD IT IS THE BEST THING IVE READ!!! Literally, I've read it like 29 times . - . But i was just wondering if you will be updating anytime soon?? Thank you, and i absolutely love your work ヽ(;▽;)ノ

sjkhdjshdjkdhsdh I can never believe it when I get asks like this. Goodness, you flatter me. 

Absolutely I will be!! I have aboutt 4k of the next (and final!) piece written. I’m sorry it’s taking such a long time! life gets in the way of merthur sometimes :/

For your patience and your all-around loveliness, you get a preview. :)

“It’s not me. It’s you. You’re in love with someone else.”

At this accusation— the true accusation— Arthur’s eyes fly open. He tries to form coherent words through his shock, but finds he can’t. How can she know? He only figured it out himself the night before.

“Could you really tell?” he says, quiet, hoping with every fiber of his being that he doesn’t say something wrong.

“Don’t be silly,” she snaps. “A woman can always tell.”

thank you for reading my story, and for this message!

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This is so overly indulgent but I’m not even sorry because it’s for Joce and she deserves every indulgence. Happy birthday, my dear! :)


This is so overly indulgent but I’m not even sorry because it’s for Joce and she deserves every indulgence. Happy birthday, my dear! :)

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Make a wish, Harry

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The Secret History, Donna Tartt

The Secret History, Donna Tartt

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In life you always have a choice. Sometimes it’s easier to think that you don’t.

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“But how,” said Charles, who was close to tears, “how can you possibly justify cold-blooded murder?’ Henry lit a cigarette. “I prefer to think of it,” he had said, “as redistribution of matter.”

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- I have magic, Merlin. Uther hates me and everyone like me. Why should I feel any differently about him?

- You of all people could change Uther’s mind. But using magic like this, will only harden his heart.

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faramircaptainofgondor asked: morgana or guinevere

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make me choose → remus or sirius

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Oh I’m so glad to hear you intend to finish Coffee and Cigarettes! I haven’t read much Merlin fic in some time because I tend to rotate between fandoms according to new seasons, conventions and which side of the bed I woke on, lol, but I remember how much I loved this fic. It is so rare to discover a new-to-you author where you start reading and think “YES!” because everything works for you: fluid writing, balance of plot vs character moments, three-dimensional characters who ring totally true to themselves, and you were that for me :). Not only did your characterization feel true, but you made me like your Merlin and Arthur even when thy did something really dickish - that tended to be more Arthur, always sending Merlin mixed signals, but it worked because you showed enough for the reader to feel some of his inner torment, and he always did something incredibly nic after being a total ass. And the way you painted Merlin’s conflict, his initial resolve of getting Arthur back no matter what and then feeling torn because he actually likes Mithian a lot, but God he loves Arthur so… And Morgana and all her scheming, and the  whole Gwaine thing, and everyone else. They are all this incredibly complex group of characters, in a situation that could have been campy but wasn’t because you developed it enough so it felt real. And all those little moments. I remember the questions game and the bit about Arthur’s watch… I haven’t even re-read the fic since you last updated it but it’s still very vivid in my head. So um, anyway, I don’t think I haad actually commented on the fic before, I usually wait until it’s over, but just so you knew that there is definitely still interest for this story :). And if/when the muse (and life) allows you to finish it, I’ll be there to read and very, very happy :).

And Good luck for your other fics and To Wish Impossible Things! I hadn’t actually seen that one before, but I just did and really liked the first chapter, even though it’s so sad and serious.

ohhh this is the absolute sweetest thing ~~cries forever~~ this post is literally the reason that I am going to finish this goddamn story no matter what. 

YOU ARE THE SWEETEST THIS MADE MY HEART MELTTTT   i didn't think anyone cared but :')   monroemary   replies  

a note to all my fanfiction followers:

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haven’t been on this blog in ages!

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I just saw your Camp Kilgarrah and I was wondering if you ever wrote a fic for that or if the graphic is based on a fic or what?

No, I haven’t written a fic, nor was it based off of one. It was just a graphic I did. Now that I think about it though, it would make a pretty cool fic… hmmm. :)